LumiCare™ Caries Detection Rinse


LumiCare™ Caries Detection Rinse represents the avant-garde of preventive dental care. The LumiCare™ Rinse is a water-based solution containing patented fluorescent sub-micron starch particles that have been functionalized to target and adhere to the subsurface of early-stage carious lesions after penetrating through surface porosities.

Each LumiCare™ Caries Detection Rinse box contains 20 pouches.

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Finding early-stage carious lesions is made simple with LumiCare™
Caries Detection Rinse. Using the latest in nanoparticle technology, the
LumiCare™ rinse provides enhanced visualization of carious lesions.

LumiCare™ Caries Detection Rinse is the 2020 & 2021 Cellerant Best in Class Technology winner.

  • Nanoparticles penetrate small porosities
    in enamel consistent with carious lesions
  • Marks incipient caries by glowing when
    illuminated under a curing light
  • Made from food grade starch that is fully
    bio-reabsorbed by the time the patient
    leaves your clinic

LumiCare™ Caries Detection Rinse Provides:

For Patients:

  • Quick and inexpensive access to preventative care
  • Improved dental experience

For Dental Professionals:

  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • More organic referrals
  • Higher case acceptance rates

Use Cases

Finding Incipient Lesions

Every cavity begins as an initial spot of demineralization. As the demineralization progresses and causes further developments of the carious lesion, eventually the tooth structure will collapse resulting in a cavity. LumiCare™ Caries Detection Rinse can help you visualize these early carious lesions, allowing for the application of preventive treatments and cavity prevention.

Evaluating suspicious areas

Some spots of demineralization are hard to diagnose. Is that caries or is that something else? LumiCare™ Caries Detection Rinse illuminates carious lesions providing further confidence for you and your patients. The rinse does not illuminate arrested caries that have stopped progressing, fluorosis, or hypomineralization [Amaechi et al. 2023 BMDJ Open]. Fundamentally, if the particles cannot get in, the area of concern will not illuminate. However, if it’s a white spot that is actively progressing with open porosity, the lesion will illuminate. The same targeting technology is used in the CrystLCare™ product to support delivery of minerals where needed and improve treatment efficacy.

Evaluating the outcome of caries treatment

There are many ways to treat caries but there are few ways to know whether the administered treatment has restored the affected enamel. LumiCare™ Caries Detection Rinse will help you determine if your treatment successfully arrested the carious lesion.


“This is what I call revolutionary.”

Lou Graham, DDS
Founder of Catapult Group

“It takes it from the realm of ‘I think you have an early lesion’ to ‘I know you have an early lesion.’”

Stephen Sterlitz, DDS
Clinical Assistant Professor of Dentistry at University of Michigan School of Dentistry

“I see its potential to bring the promises of early caries detection and minimally invasive dentistry – goals our industry has talked about for years – to fruition… It is a gamechanger that soon will be available to integrate into your practice.”

Dr. Lou Shuman, DDS, CAGS
CEO and Founder of Cellerant Consulting

“I thought it was really easy to use, and it’s also easy to use for the patients.”

Eric Eby, DDS, MAGD
Owner of Eby Dental Care

“Wow, this is a really effective product; non-invasive and objective.”

Miriam Parker, DDS
Dental Director of Hamilton Community Health Network

“The ability for us to identify caries before it’s clinically
perceptible is a huge step in the right direction for the
dental industry. LumiCare Caries Detection Rinse from
GreenMark Biomedical prioritizes taking preventive
measures to reduce the need for caries-related
restorations. Would you want a restoration if the
progression of caries could be identified and stopped?
No? Neither would I!”

Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, DMD