A New Way to Provide Preventative Care

GreenMark is aiming to transform the dental experience by providing dentists, hygienists, and patients non-invasive products that combine treatment for dental sensitivity with proactive oral health management. By redefining dental care standards to treat sensitivity and better visualize caries disease,  GreenMark is making painless, natural repair possible.

Introducing CrystLCare™ Biorestorative

CrystLCare™ Biorestorative is a fluoride-free and easy-to-use dental strip, designed to provide immediate and long-lasting dental sensitivity relief. The dental strips contain particles loaded with calcium and phosphate, which are released by natural enzymes in saliva. These minerals then form hydroxyapatite crystals that occlude exposed dentinal tubules and porosities in enamel.

This first in a series of non-invasive treatment products is now available for purchase.

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Why CrystLCare™ Biorestorative Treatment Works

Dental Hypersensitivity (DH) affects up to 74% of the population. When the outermost protective layers of the tooth (enamel or cementum) wear away, often due to receding gumlines, this exposes dentinal tubules. Stimuli such as temperature or pressure can then transmit through the tubules to reach the nerves, causing pain. Traditional DH occurs when these dentinal tubules are exposed at the base of your teeth. Treatments focus on blocking these tubules or reducing neural response with medication. However, current products have limited efficacy and provide only short-term relief. Patients undergoing whitening may also experience severe discomfort due to peroxide molecules that seep through porous enamel into the pulp to affect the nerves.

This diagram illustrates how GreenMark’s bioresorbable CrystLCare™ particles deliver minerals that fill dentinal tubules, which results in long-lasting relief and management of sensitivity.

These Electron Micrographs show actual dentin before and after treatment with CrystLCare™ particles, providing evidence for occlusion of dentinal tubules. The targeted deposition of minerals onto the surface, into the tubules of exposed dentinal tubules, and into the subsurface of enamel provides effective and long-lasting treatment of dental sensitivity.

How to Use CrystLCare™ Biorestorative Dental Strips

Exposed dentinal tubules and enamel porosities make tooth nerves susceptible to sensitivity

Exposure to temperature or pressure changes aggravates the nerve, which is perceived as pain

Open dental strip from packaging and apply to areas where sensitivity is felt

Strip dissolves and deposits minerals forming hydroxyapatite, which occlude dentinal tubules and fill enamel porosities

Experience immediate sensitivity relief, and continue to use the product for long-lasting results

A Look Inside LumiCare™  Caries Detection Rinse

Early Detection

LumiCare™ Caries Detection Rinse is a water-based solution containing fluorescent sub-micron starch particles, functionalized to target and adhere to the subsurface of early-stage carious lesions after penetrating through surface porosities.

Designed to be used during routine dental exams, it illuminates otherwise undetectable early-stage cavities with a standard dental curing light.

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