A New Way to Provide Preventative Care

GreenMark is aiming to transform the dental experience by enabling dentists to visualize caries disease better, accurately assess when to treat and make painless, natural repair possible.

Introducing LumiCare™ Rinse

Early Detection

LumiCare™ Caries Detection Rinse is a water-based solution containing fluorescent sub-micron starch particles, functionalized to target and adhere to the subsurface of early-stage carious lesions after penetrating through surface porosities.

Designed to be used during routine dental exams, it illuminates otherwise undetectable early-stage cavities with a standard dental curing light.

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Why LumiCare™ Caries
Detection Rinse Works

Bacteria on tooth surface metabolizes sugar to acid

Acid carves porous carious lesions in enamel

LumiCare™ particles penetrate into porous subsurface

Particles inside lesions are illuminated with curing lamp

Lesions are detected well before cavities form

Non-invasive treatment is administered

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