Our Vision

To deliver health based benefits to society through biobased targeting technologies.

Our Mission

Enable oral healthcare professionals to preserve teeth through earlier diagnosis and noninvasive treatment.

Our Story

GreenMark Biomedical Inc. is a Michigan-based, minimally invasive healthcare company founded in 2016 by Dr. Steven Bloembergen to pursue dental and medical applications based on a proven starch nanoparticle platform technology. Bloembergen is Co-Founder of EcoSynthetix Inc., a global bio-based nanoparticle manufacturer. At EcoSynthetix he established a broad network of university collaborators that resulted in the foundational technology for GreenMark. In partnership with collaborators at the University of Michigan (U-M), GreenMark has expanded upon this proprietary technology by developing and applying unique processes to develop a range of targeted diagnostic and treatment products.

GreenMark’s dental technology was first created through its U-M collaboration, involving co-inventors Dr. Joerg Lahann, Dr. Brian Clarkson and Dr. Nathan Jones. Clarkson and Lahann are thought leaders in Biomaterials and Dentistry/Cariology, respectively, and remain active team members. Bloembergen and Jones have been collaborating since 2009, first at EcoSynthetix and ultimately at U-M.

Upon receiving his Ph.D. from U-M, Jones joined GreenMark to help further develop and commercialize this proprietary dental technology.

Bloembergen’s spouse, Dr. Wendy Bloembergen, is a Nephrologist with a degree in Clinical Research Design & Statistics from U-M. She did her medical internship with Dr. David Sackett, founder of Canada’s first Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McMaster University, along with Drs. Brian Haynes and Gord Guyatt, both professors of epidemiology and biostatistics and medicine. Sackett is called the father of evidence-based medicine, which after 30 years is now beginning to gain momentum in dentistry. The three are often praised as pioneers of evidence-based medicine.

Mr. Adam Laird graduated from U-M Law School where he focused on venture capital and entrepreneurial law. He has previous experience working with and for both venture-backed startups and venture capital funds. He led the due diligence processes on GreenMark for a Michigan-based investment group that culminated in investment in the company. Afterward, he decided to join the team to help drive business development, sales, and marketing.

Dental caries—the clinical term for tooth decay—is the most prevalent chronic disease worldwide. By helping dentists battle this disease, GreenMark aims to markedly improve the standard of global oral health.