About GreenMark Biomedical Inc.

GreenMark Biomedical is a noninvasive healthcare company founded in 2016.  Our targeted technologies involve biopolymer nanoparticles made from natural starch.  Given that starch is degraded by enzymes in the human body, and amylase is abundantly present in saliva, it makes for an ideal carrier for medical and dental applications.

The central concept is biodelivery of health solutions on target, precisely where they are needed.

The GreenMark technology utilizes proprietary biobased nanoparticles as the delivery vehicle:

  • Dental: targeted delivery for diagnosis and treatment of tooth decay (cavities)
  • Medical: targeted anti-cancer drug delivery applications
  • Safe, biobased, biocompatible and fully resorbable

The use of nanoparticles to deliver site specific dental and medical applications has been hindered by the lack of a reliable supply of safe-to-use nanoparticles.  This barrier has been breached by GreenMark through a direct and guaranteed supply of the world’s most abundantly produced biobased nanoparticle products from EcoSynthetix Inc. (ECO), a publicly traded company co-founded by Dr. Steven Bloembergen.

GreenMark has patented, patent-pending and proprietary technologies that use different grades of ECO’s biobased nanoparticles and uniquely modifies these into novel products that have built-in targeting performance for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

The GreenMark team is a broad based, experienced and multidisciplinary team with recognized background in the scientific, biopolymer, dental and medical communities.

GreenMark has a collaboration network with US and Canadian universities involving health based technologies.  This network has resulted in the foundational technology for GreenMark, including a collaboration with Dr. Lahann’s Lab at the University of Michigan on targeted dental and medical applications.

Tooth decay (dental cavities) is a disease, called dental caries.  As our initial focus, we are developing the next generation of diagnostics and therapeutics for dental caries, the most prevalent chronic disease worldwide.  Currently GreenMark is actively seeking smart investment and strategic partners in support of our plan to launch our first commercial product within two years.

See recent and prior press releases at: http://greenmark.bio/news-events/

The Problem

There is a new paradigm in the management of tooth decay which focuses on preservation of enamel and leads to better long term outcomes.  Tooth decay is reversible in early stages with better hygiene and the use of remineralization agents, such as high-fluoride and phosphate toothpastes.  Furthermore, some lesions (i.e. cavities) become inactive or “arrest” and do not require treatment.  These understandings have led to the philosophy of Minimally Invasive Dentistry which is now being practiced and taught in dental schools.

The problem, however, is that there is currently not a good way to find lesions early, nor to monitor the impact of remineralization and differentiate active from inactive lesions. As a consequence, the benefits of the new paradigm are not being realized.


New Paradigm:

  1. Reversible in early stages
  2. Early cavities can be remineralized
  3. Inactive lesions do not require Drilling & Filling

Problem: There is no good way for dentists to:

  1. Find lesions early
  2. Monitor impact of remineralization
  3. Differentiate active from inactive lesions
Our Solution

Our solution is a mouth rinse product containing our proprietary starch nanoparticles which illuminate cavities and early stage lesions using a standard dental curing lamp available in all dental practices.  By earlier detection and showing “activity”, the test will enable monitoring and allow greater use of minimally invasive treatments, resulting in improved oral health outcomes.  Our test is quick, effective and affordable.  Read more about our dental applications here.

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